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Listen | Marie Dahlstrom releases new single ‘Home With You’

Marie Dahlstrøm

Marie Dahlstrom releases ‘Home With You’ – the 4th single from her forthcoming debut album “Like Sand”, in May this year.

‘Home With You’ features production from long-term collaborator Dan Diggas (known for his work with Mahalia), guitars from friend and collaborator Sipprell, and a talk-box section from DT Soul.

“I wanted to write about flaws in a kind and positive way,” Marie explains. “I wanted to hone in on what makes us who we are. The absence of something in a person’s life, makes room for the presence of something else. ‘Home With You’ is a song about celebrating honesty and compassion in love, even if it isn’t always easy.”

Recorded between LA, Copenhagen and London – ‘Like Sand’ features collaborations with the likes of South London soul singer James Vickery, California based songwriter and producer Jeremy Passion, Brooklyn based singer/producer Elijah Fox, British guitarist Beau Diako – and more.

Dahlstrom’s debut album ‘Like Sand’ is out 22 May, 2020.