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RobMoro TV | Marlin’s Dreaming – ‘Sink or Swim’

Marlin's Dreaming - 'Sink or Swim'

Marlin’s Dreaming have today released the first single, ‘Sink or Swim,’ for their forthcoming album, “Quotidian”.

Despite the darker lyrics, Sink or Swim is buoyed by a driving tempo and the distinctive pop feel which have coloured the band’s two previous albums.

Frontman Semisi Maiai said of the track, “I wrote it over the last year where I felt like I was going through motions of living without much pre-consideration or afterthought, just simply doing things as they happened.”

To accompany the track, a self-directed music video with support from New Zealand filmmaker Martin Sagadin makes fun of the motivation for the song.

Their forthcoming album will be their third long-form release after two EPs in 2017 and 2018.

Marlin’s Dreaming release their upcoming LP, “Quotidian”, on 21 April 2020.