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Music | The Lovely Eggs announce new album “I Am Moron”

The Lovely Eggs - 'This Decision'

The Lovely Eggs have announced a new album titled, “I Am Moron”, which is due on Egg Records in April this year.

The first single ‘This Decision’ has also been released with a video that is as helter-skelter as they come.

The band wrote the song and album based on the events that have unfolded in the United Kingdom over the past two years, resulting in an album long observation of a crippling decision that has a huge effect on a nation.

“For the video, we wanted something with the pedal to the frigging floor,” explains lead singer Holly Ross. “The track is pretty intense so we wanted something to match and did to take a pop at the moronic relentless capitalist culture did we’re surrounded by these days.”

“I Am Moron” is the follow up to their 2017 release “This Is Eggland” and was co-produced by Dave Fridman (THE Flaming Lips, MGMT, TAME IMPALA).

Something out of this world but so close to the anguish that those who observed and railed against is now condensed from The Lovely Eggs’ point of view into 2 minutes and 50 seconds storming musical adventure.

“I Am Moron” was recorded by the band in Lancaster ( “The Twin Peaks of Northern England”) on the premises of Lancaster Musicians Co-op. During the recording was Lancaster Musicians Co-op threatened with closure, so that the tied her album has been put on hold to fight against the expulsion.