of Montreal - “UR FUN”

Anchoring verses from a series of personal stories about falling and then continuing to be ‘in love’ continues on the latest release of Kevin Barnes’ latest album “UR FUN”.

Electro-pop tracks that serve as a soapbox for his private thoughts and the depths of his relationship with Christina Schnieder of Locate S,1. These jump from optimistic to brooding declarations of his feelings that have developed over time.

‘You’ve Had Me Everywhere’ is quirky and standout of the ten songs on the record, one that Barnes recorded by himself at a home studio in Georgia. The only exception is the feature of Locate S,1. on ‘Gypsy That Remains’.

Citing Cyndi Lauper’s ‘She’s So Unusual’ as an influence during the time, you could hear how that might have been imperative in creating the beats to this. Catchy hooks that run with nostalgic dance beats are the base for what’s required on a record of this kind.

of Montreal
of Montreal

“UR FUN” contains a significant incongruity well-known to fans – for they are multidimensional with an adult undertone. Barnes playfully weighs the ups and downs of polyamory and idiosyncratic connections: “Playing musical lovers is starting to feel kind of kitsch/ if you want monogamy are you just like some basic-bitch?”

There are the references for which Barnes is prided in. Obscure books and films that evoke the theme of oddball or outlandish behaviour in a society so prudent, that shocking it is merely a bit of reckless adolescent tumult. The closing titles will bathe in the search for mental clarity. At a bleak endpoint, there comes a light; flip the record over and start again.

“UR FUN” is out now via Polyvinyl Records.