Music | Ex-Girls Names guitarist shares new song ‘Of Late Capitalism’

Photo Credit: Autumn Andel

Gross Net – the experimental electronic project from ex-Girls Names guitarist Philip Quinn – has shared Of Late Capitalismthe  pulsating second single off new album “Gross Net Means Gross Net.”

Gross Net is the project of Belfast-based artist Philip Quinn, guitarist of the now defunct Girls Names. The new album is the follow up to 2015’s “Quantitative Easing”.

Finishing the record last year, Philip had taken time off work to do so: “I felt like I had to do it to retain some semblance of identity, that I wasn’t just some minimum wage pen pusher or something. So, needing to come up with lyrics I thought back to those apocalyptic sounds and imagined this near future dystopia with an even further degraded environment where we huff cans of air bought online from Amazon like the Perri-Air in Mel Brook’s Spaceballs.”

Gross Net Means Gross Net” is out on 30 August on Felte.