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RobMoro TV | Bear’s Den – ‘Hiding Bottles’

Bear's Den - 'Hiding Bottles'

Bear’s Den have a powerful new video for their new track ‘Hiding Bottles’.

The video takes on the theme of Alcohol addiction in a family member and gives multiple perspective of those around them. Watch the new video here.

Following a personal experience of alcohol addiction in a family member, lead singer Andrew Davie took to spending time at Al-Anon meetings – a charity who support those with family and friends that struggle with alcohol addiction to understand how a community can help each other while facing the same difficulties.

The video itself follows a teenage girl’s account of her father’s alcohol addiction and the pressure it puts upon herself and her loved ones.

Director Rollo Jackson says of the video, “The band and I wanted to highlight the often overlooked issues faced by the victims of alcohol abuse by basing the film on genuine case studies supplied by the charity Al-Anon. Looking through that research, the theme that kept cropping up was the ‘promise of normality’ that these victims are often teased with. Alcoholism explained as temporary or manageable, which created a strange dichotomy within those homes – two versions of the same family, one fighting to keep everything ’normal’ and another private version, out of control. Using a full cast of identical twins and in-camera effects I wanted to explore that idea and highlight the issues, whilst keeping every the story point and line of dialogue based on real case studies.”

Al- Anon provude support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by scenarios like the one above. For more information go to or call 01-8732699