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RobMoro TV | Autre Monde – ‘Fever in May’

Autre Monde - 'Fever In May'

Autre Monde have released a new video for their recent track ‘Fever in May’.

Written and directed By Gary Sheridan & Eoghan O’Brien, this video features a figure who splits into multiple figures of his personality, embracing the well-choreographed movements of expression.

The band is a four-piece from Dublin comprising of musicians; Paddy Hanna, Padraig Cooney, Eoghan O’ Brien and Mark Chester.

Two years in existence, the members of well-known Irish culture lover backgrounds such as the Popical Island collective and acclaimed acts like Ginnels, Land Lovers, No Monster Club and Paddy Hanna.

“Fever in May” was the first song written for their album with Cooney describing it as “wire-y post-punk inflected with the kind pop-proginess that ELO were doing on their album ‘Time’ “

Their track is out now on Strange Brew Records.