RobMoro TV | Nick Murphy – ‘Dangerous’

Nick Murphy’s sophomore full-length album “Run Fast Sleep Naked” has been kindly welcomed into the World just over a week ago. Now, he has handed us an explosive visual for second single, ‘Dangerous’.

The video was filmed in the Southern California desert recently and reflects the urgency of the song’s music and lyrics. Directed by Najeeb Tarazi, the concept for the video was created by Murphy himself who says “I’ve wanted to shoot this idea for a long time. Calm in the chaos. Unseen Shadow in control. Self Witness. Big Love to Najeeb Tarazifor making it real”

The album was made when Murphy spent four years travelling the World solo with a microphone in his suitcase, recording his vocal tracks in whichever spaces and environments most inspired him.

Tickets for  North America, Europe and the UK are on sale now

“Run Fast Sleep Naked” is our now