Alex Van Pelt - Tum Tum
Priest - "New Flesh"
Priest – “New Flesh”

‘History in Black’ is the pinnacle of “New Flesh”, as Priest return with a new album with production duties manned by Alpha (former member of Ghost). Prepare for a lot of 80s styled synths. ‘The Cross’ is a fine example and a challenger for top pick from the selection. It would also entice fans of Depeche Mode without question.

Alex Van Pelt - Tum Tum
Alex Van Pelt – Tum Tum

Alex Van Pelt carefully crafts songs about love for the digital age. Situated somewhere between the hazy dreams of bedroom pop and a Gameboy soundtrack, you can imagine that this record is heavy on the synths but with light texturisation. Venture “into a psychedelic jungle” that features influences from the Everly Brothers’ breakup songs, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s compositions, Takeshi Kitano’s movies to name a few.

Sigrid -
Sigrid – “Sucker Punch”

Sigrid’s debut album follows the trajectory that her singles mapped out since the Bergen native arrived on the pop-scene. Conventional pop with a rebel heart, tracks like ‘Strangers’, ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, and ‘Sucker Punch’ cement their place as superb pop melodies do. The record does deliver strong, powerful hits that either get you in the mood for a road trip or breakout dance session in your living room.

Stella Donnelly - Beware of the Dogs

Stella Donnelly takes some pride in telling it like it is. The Australian goes for the jugular with her musical style. It is with such charm that the raw tracks stand out. “Beware of the Dogs” is full of warmth too, and with a band behind, there is still intimate moments such as ‘Allergies’ and ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ that tackle the heaviest issues with stunning clarity