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RobMoro TV | Tahiti 80 – ‘Hurts’

Tahiti 80 - 'Hurts'

Tahiti 80 have released the music video for their song “Hurts”.

Shot by female Thai director Khamkwan, the project originated during their 2018 Asian tour, when the band stopped in Bangkok for a few days.

Speaking about the idea, the band said; “We were booked for this big event in Bangkok and watched videos from bands who were on the same line-up. The productions were eye-catching, cinematic, poetic and always told a story. We instantly felt that it would match the mood for Hurts: a bittersweet break-up song filmed in an exotic set up. There’s always been an element of melancholy in Tahiti 80 hidden behind our melodies and grooves. This video perfectly demonstrates this dichotomy.”