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RobMoro TV | Future Jr. – ‘Tell Me That I’m Wrong’

Future Jr. - Tell Me That I'm Wrong'

Future Jr. has released the video for his single ‘Tell Me That I’m Wrong’. Which is track 3 of Future Jr’s video trilogy and EP release.

Directed by Joshua Hodgman and Future Jr. (aka Matt Nainby) himself; it is influenced by his love of 80’s cinema; “I came up with the idea after watching ‘The Warriors’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ back to back and wondered what a combination of those two movies might look like with a little bit of today’s aesthetic sprinkled in.”

‘Tell Me That I’m Wrong’ deals with the complexities of accepting your own shortfalls in order to make room for better things.

His “Vacancy” EP brings together elements of electronic dance music, indie rock, chillwave and electro-pop.