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Music | New Music – 9 February 2018

Kidsmoke throw some serious Death Cab For Cutie vibes with ‘Sister Sadness’. Clean, bright, and hazy guitar stems give a warm glow to this track.

Zurich based rock act, Annie Taylor, want you to learn them a thing or two with ‘Teach Me Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Thunderous stuff rolling out of Switzerland.

Earhart, who are named after aviator Amelia Earhart, bring dark electronic vibes forth with ‘A Cross’. Heavy and immersive from the London outfit.

Infectious indie outfit from Leeds in the UK, Marsicans take a subtle step towards indie pop with ‘Wake Up Freya’, an ode to the then unborn niece of frontman Newbigging.

As if the anticipation for a debut album by Her was not already high, Victor Solf continues this project in fine form. Funky and fearlesss, it’s the year to appreciate everything about Her.

Company of Theives return with ‘Window’, a strong bounce back to form for a band that had taken some time out. This track is take from their “Better Together” EP.