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RobMoro TV | ROSTAM – ‘Bike Dream’

ROSTAM - 'Bike Dream'

Rolling in on his Velib, former Vampire Weekend member ROSTAM returns with ‘Bike Dream’, a track taken from his album, ‘Half-Light’ which was released last year.

There is the influence of the Vampire Weekend of old in this one, which is nicely timed with the video arriving in the same week of the band’s debut album release only 10 years ago. Hard to believe. But luckily for us, ROSTAM keeps his charm and displays it in this wonderful track from last year’s LP.

Another artist who had a hand in his own video production, ‘Bike Dream’ was mostly filmed in Paris on a public bike – or Velib as it is called – and does occasionally switch to Berlin for some shots of its notable yellow trains.

The other half of the direction came from Dan Newman, who likely had great fun watching ROSTAM annoy motorists in the French capital to make this sweet video.