Typhoon - "Offerings"

Typhoon debuted their dark and awakening album “Offerings” through Roll Call Records this month. The 70-minute long player is an insightful journey to discover the perception of Kyle Morton and company. ‘Rorschach’ is the best of the lot and is well placed to hook you in at number two on the tracklist. Dystopian, sceptical, and intricate as the theme is on the record, Typhoon did ever so well to keep it stripped to the natural course of a big rock sound by not including too much addition brass or strings.

Finnish outfit, wait for it, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?, have released their album “Jazzbelle 1984-1988” with not only a shorter name than their own but a quality set of songs that is as eclectic as they might sound. HYESTJFAVHS? throw quirky synth sounds with punk songwriting structure to melt a finished product that is wholly entertaining. ‘Corazone’ is the particular point where things begin to shape up nicely.  

The Academic - "Tales From The Backseat"The Academic have been building to this moment for a long time, and now that “Tales From The Backseat” is officially their debut album of new and old songs from previous releases, it did not disappoint from the Mullingar band. We go from the fresh summer remise of “Permanent Vacation” to the insanely catchy “Bear Claws” without pause. Such ambition and anthem writing would be reserved for acts of some maturity, yet the appeal of The Academic and these simply structured tunes are just what they do best. There isn’t a complex issue to navigate either lyrically or sonically, which makes their crafting of such pop melodies faultless and easy to soak up.

EDEN - 'vertigo'

Possibly a best-kept secret for some industry delegates, EDEN is the slow success story that really got legs when the Dubliner’s track, ‘sex’ hit heights of Billboard’s chart and gaining some acclaim from Lorde in the process. Simplicity is something can open up creativity in songwriting, Something which Jonathon Ng or EDEN knows how to do ever so well. Built like film scores with the length, the delicate and moody nature of ‘start//end’, ‘icarus’, ‘forever//over’ and in truth, most tracks on this record are hard won but well deserved. This one takes time to grow but it does. Pick it up if Kevin Garrett, James Blake or LAUV are your thing.