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Music | New Music – 12 January 2018


Electronic duo Lesser Pieces explore the thee of long-distance relationships  with ‘Never Think Of You’. The track is for fans of Jessie Ware and Oh Wonder, particuarlly because of it’s ambient groove and energy. Lesser Pieces may be LA based, but the duo is made up of Irish producer Mike Slott and New York-born Egyptian singer-songwriter/composer Diane Badie.’

‘Favourite Song’ is the debut single from Pizzagirl, which is infectious due the 80s synth that is impeccable. Pizzagirl is in fact neither a pizza influenced person or girl, but is a young Brit from Liverpool who writes about late night parties and 80s inspired dreams soundtracked by European electronica sensibilities. Think The Wombats meet Day Wave and you have a tasty combination.

‘Can’t Pretend’ delves into the age-old issue of letting someone go, but not without a half-decent downtempo electro beat and some reverb guitar for company. The artist? Going under the project name of Tropic Harbour, Mark Berg creates songs of this ilk and quite well too. Tropic Harbour is gathering momentum and has already opened for acts such as DIIV, Jessy Lanza, and Will Butler.