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Albums of the Month – Les Disques du Mois


Priest - "New Flesh"‘History in Black’ is the pinnacle of “New Flesh”, as Priest return with a new album with production duties manned by Alpha (former member of Ghost). Prepare for a lot of 80s styled synths. ‘The Cross’ is a fine example and a challenger for top pick from the selection. It would also entice fans of Depeche Mode without question.

Autobahn - "The Moral Crossing"“Parallels” may not be squeaky clean like that two sides might run together, it is, however, a powerful synth-pop piece of work. Mynth is a duo made up of twins Giovanna and Mario. The album takes on a more full fledging sound from ‘Beginning – End’. Touches of MUNA, Crystal Castles, Die Antwoord, and occasionally lyrical shades of Jessie Ware are evident. Is this an album to chill to? Not likely but it makes up in intensity for what it doesn’t have in calmness and vice versa.

Columbia Mills - "A Safe Distance To Watch"Columbia Mills released their long-awaited debut album this month, delivering an excellent set of songs including ‘Battles’ and ‘Same Shame’. The tracks are neatly carved indie synth songs for sure, but they do have that quality that can only come with tune when creating a set of tracks like this. The full-length effort slides smoothly into the space that opened up for the band, which would hopefully be as equally pleasing in an intimate live setting.

Autobahn - "The Moral Crossing"Courting darkness and melancholy such that is familiar really lights the fire underneath Autobahn’s new release, “The Moral Crossing”. The album jumps from Interpol inspired nights to wake up in a Tokyo Police Club playlist binge. Do not be fooled though, the embers of this album are still burning in a warehouse somewhere in Leeds and the smoke should be seen by all as the noise of charging guitars aptly rumbles on. At least that is what you could imagine.

Glitches - "Lost Languages"“Lost Languages” is the return release of Glitches, with the trio bursting out from the gates of their brief hiatus and reflecting on singular themes within “universal arc of love”. Robbie Parks vocals give so much emotion that is lifted by the musical element that bandmates Michael O’Neill and James Warner provide. A tight collective with nothing lost on an intense record.