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RobMoro TV | NARCS – ‘Raus!’

NARCS - 'Raus!'

NARCS are a Leeds quintet with a brash rock sound in their range. New single ‘Raus!’ aims to give us a strong dose of this and a bit more with it’s video that gets a bit vicious.

While the band have been tearing it up on new music stages and playlists, they’ve announced that a hiatus is not too far around the corner unfortunately. Guitarist Joe Angus is moving to New Zealand and with that, they will take a break.

Joe had this to say on the announcement; “I couldn’t handle it for much longer, so I made a big leap with my partner and kids to New Zealand. The writing had dried up and I wasn’t able to do my job and produce any sort of clarity to put pen to paper. It’s not the end of NARCS for certain, but it’s definitely the start of new things for all of us. Keep watching the skies and never stop punching Nazis.”

The single is taken from their album “A Thinking Animal”, which was released via Clue Records and you can get it cheap as chips on blue vinyl for just £5 on the Clue Records Bandcamp page HERE.