Pale Honey - "Devotion"

Ane Brun - "Leave Me Breathless"

Ana Brun’s collection of other people’s songs turn out masterfully on “Leave me breathless”. A personal reflection on what is a selection of her own favourites from artists such as Nick Cave, Radiohead, and Sade to name a few from the Norwegian born and Stockholm based artist.


There are many wonders from the catalogue of St. Vincent and with latest album “MASSEDUCTION” it continues to grow. Opening track ‘Hang On Me’, a bar is set and provides an easy transition  that sweeps gentily with a low bass line, chimes of bells that are soothing yet chilling. Then a burst into ‘Pills is just that next level of St.Vincent that every release offers from Annie Clark’s rapturous guitar outbursts and socio-intrusive lyrics about contemporary issues. Fear the future but love the record.

Pale Honey - "Devotion"Two years since Gothenburg-based band Pale Honey (Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey) released their self-titled debut long player. Now they return with a stronger sense of identity and their music confidently brings out their personal issues lyrcially, stomping them out so to speak. Themes of honesty and maturity can be evident in second albums like this, but with Pale Honey you might find more than just steady progression, such as simplistic brilliance.

Henry Jamison - "The Wilds"Henry Jamison released his debut album “The Wilds” on 27 October with a body of work that travels like Sufjan Stevens but with a touch of Fionn Regan in the texture of vocals and bass throughout. There are numerous themes that run from getting daydreams of a woman he fancies to relocating, the weather, and even air conditioning. This is a folk record that has a lot more to it than you might think, offering lots of textures to digest.

AS Fanning - "Second Life:A.S. Fanning may be a native Dublin musician, but some time away in Berlin has found him residing there both during and after the writing of debut record, “Second Life”. The record is inspired by both his hometown and time spent in the German Capital, getting cultural with a lyricism that has travelled a bit further to Austria and Switzerland thus far. Self-produced and released through Proper Octopus Records, it represents hard work and sterling ambition that transcends upon first listen

TUSKS - "Dissolve"TUSKS debut album might be a heavy affair, but the record has a great affinity for the swirling sounds of dark guitars and synths that provide impressive electro-atmospheric music. Imagine The Cure and Wolf Alice making up a cover band of the former’s lyrical quality and the latter’s brooding sound. The album’s title track, ‘Dissolve’ is an example.

Dig Deeper - "In Central European Time"Dig Deeper build on their “Stars Tonight” release earlier this year with six songs that try to bring about their Norwegian perspective on issues such as those elected to political power were working to close borders, refuse people in need basic rights and brag about having the strictest policies on immigration in Europe” as they put in their own words. In truth, their despair at these issues may not be a new concept but is well-balanced unlike many who have tried before, only to strangle the artistic merit with an idea that can be difficult to grasp at the best of times. “In Central European Time” is indeed, in the light at the right moment.

ASIWYFA - "The Endless Shimmering""“The Endless Shimmering” is the fifth album by Northern Irish quartet, And So I Watch You From Afar. Something old, something new, this album is perhaps cleaner than their early work, but it does keep intact that ASIWYFA sound mnay love. It’s madness and it’s calming. The band flew to the US to record the album and bring it as close to a live sound as possible, just as they did though, a snowstorm came and kept the band held up in the studio for nine days. The end result? nine tracks of pure ASIWYFA.

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