Otherkin - "OK"


Imitating Airplanes - "Planet Language"

Imitating Airplanes are a Norwegian duo who you might recognise separately from other bands as Tord Øverland Knudsen (The Wombats) and Marius Drogsås Hagen (Team Me) embark on a new project. The album titled “Planet Language” explores indie-pop themes that both musicians had never really considered in their previous guises.

Intergalactic Lovers - "Exhale"Intergalactic Lovers return with third album “Exhale”, an act sure to catch the attention from fans of PJ Harvey and Editors. The Belgian band have proved themselves at home and aren’t far from getting deserved attention elsewhere. The new album is an emotive and frustrated collection of songs aimed at expressing the band’s feelings to the events around them and their loved ones.

Sløtfac - "Try Not To Freak Out,"Sløtface have brought back the days of accessible indie-rock that is fresh and interesting on their debut album “Try Not To Freak Out”. From ‘Magazine’ to ‘Nancy Drew’, each track has a strong honesty that rings through. Guitar driven, drum bashing and full-on vocals from the four-piece give this record a strong edge.

The Horrors - "V"The Horrors previewed new album “V” earlier this year with first single ‘Machine’ and later ‘Something to Remember Me By’. The later charting a course that many familiar with the band will be happy to have heard. Across ten songs and almost the guts of an hour, we get a sublime record from the five-piece.

Otherkin - "OK"

Every now and then a new band comes along with a handful of singles and just blows the cobwebs off your speakers. Otherkin are one of those bands. Their debut album “OK” may be a thrilling, fast-paced journey through razor-sharp guitar turns and twists. Expect more gritty and emotive live shows from these guys.

"Lost languages" - The Crayon Set“Lost Languages” is Irish alternative outfit, The Crayon Set‘s attempt at an Americana album they’re not far off either. ‘Hand-surfing’ and ‘Yesterday Man’ are among the picks from their second long player since 2013’s self-titled debut.

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