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RobMoro TV | Pale Honey – ‘Get These Things Out of My Head’

Pale Honey - 'Get This Thing Out of My Head'

Swedish duo Pale Honey (Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey) have returned with a thumping statement of intent in ‘Get These Things Out of My Head’.

The track is the first since their debut album release two years ago and signals the announcement of follow-up, “Devotion”. The album was recorded in their native Gothenburg, where they employed a method of songwriting on instruments not normally accustomed to their sound.

Directed by Johan Stolpe, the video is a montage of the band performing and touring.

Singer/guitarist Tuva Lodmark offers a personal comment with it too, as the song itself is based on her experience Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, something she has suffered with since her teenage years;

“For me, this is very personal to talk about. I even wanted to change the lyrics for the song to be about something else before we recorded the vocals, I was so afraid of what other people would know about me. But after I gave it some thought, why would I censor myself that way? We make music because it’s true. We write to deal with ourselves and things that happen around us. This condition I’ve been in is a big part of me and I want to be true to myself and shed some light on the disease. It’s more common than people think.”

“Devotion” is due for release on 13 October via Bolero Recordings.