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RobMoro TV | Bonzai – ‘I Feel Alright’

Bonzai - 'I Feel Alright'

This track was sent in under reference to Bjork and The Prodigy, which really couldn’t really have been put better if you consider the pop aspect of Bonzai’s work, it’s Electro foundations, and that Punk/Rock star vibe in a visual sense give you an insight into the sensation that is or soon will be Cassie O’Reilly’s alter-ego.

‘I Feel Alright’ is a pop track with a RnB twist, and while it may gather some Beyonce comparisons, the focus of her work is still that of accessible music between Electronic, RnB, and Pop.

The video for the track is symbolic of what it is to be in your early twenties and heading out on a “sesh”. Feel good “punk pop” and care free attitude playing out of the Summer.

There is more to the Mura Masa influence, as Bonzai is part of the new wave which has gone from a niche to popular trend in Ireland’s music exports. Making your trade away from the homeland may not be new, but the indie quality of a genre that is now among indie media’s main focus has proven to be a winner especially in venues and festivals in recent years.