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Music | MaMA Festival adds more to their 2017 edition

MaMA Festival 2017

MaMA Festival returns this year from 18 to 20 October to the areas of Montmartre and Pigalle in Paris for MaMA festival and conference. The line-up initially included acts such as Joey The Soldier, Lysastrata, Mat Bastard, Novo Amor, Phlake The Inspector Cluzo, The Club and Winter Family.

New acts announced for the event include;  Jean-Michel Blais, Kiddy Smile DJ set,Jabberwocky DJ set, The Club, The Gold of the Common, Di-Meh, MA Beat !, Mai Lan, Pack, Millionaire, Mogli, My Brother and Me, Norma, Eyelid, Pi Ja Ma, Poppy, Ackroyd, Safia Nolin , Sandra, Slimka, Sarrah Mac Coy, The Buns, The Mysterons, Theo Lawrence & The Hearts, Winter Family Xtrm Tour: DI Meh, Malaka and My Brother and Me.

Tickets for the festival and the conference are on sale from MaMA Festival’s website.