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RobMoro TV | Ratboys- ‘Elvis Is In The Freezer’


Ratboys release their sophomore album, “GN” on 30 June. The the video for the single, “Elvis is in the Freezer” is as good as the track too.

Directed by Kenna Hynes and shot in Louisville, KY, the video shows intimacy of close relationships during a tough time in someone’s life, showcasing the invaluable support from those close to you a time like that. Speaking about the direction of the video, singer/guitarist Julia Steiner said;

“We want to show the joy that comes from having someone to lean on. And really, we want to celebrate the potential that every new relationship has to make life better and more fulfilling,”

Their debut album is due out in late June on Topshelf Records, while the band will also tour the US in support of it.