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RobMoro TV | Ryder The Eagle – ‘It’s All About The Music’

Ryder The Eagle

Ryder The Eagle is the side project of Las Aves drummer if you recall the band who gained notable acclaim from various media last Summer.

Ryder embarked on his own headline European tour recently. Crooning his way with melodies and string backed prog rock sound to boot.

The video for his latest single features the artist unloading his car before running up through the small village with guitar in hand. The slow motion styled video was shot by Lisa Boostani in the snowy mountains, while  Ryder  is singing along to the music (his own) from his headphones

Drawing comparisons to Beck, Julian Casablancas and more for his previous single, ‘She’s Already Won My Heart’. Expect to hear and see a bit more of the side project in the months to come.