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RobMoro TV | James Vincent McMorrow – ‘One Thousand Times’

James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow has released the video for latest single, ‘One Thousand Times’. The video was made by director and filmmaker who features regularly on the site of late, Bob Gallagher.

“When the dictator enters James and the band become prisoners within their own performance, the complacent audience who try to ignore the malicious presence in the theatre gradually come under attack. No one stands up for anyone else so eventually everybody becomes a victim of the regime. At the end, you have a reversal where James’ and the dictator become locked in an exchange where James uses the stage to acknowledge him directly. He sort of pleads with the dictator and you get the sense that he might have made some small impact on him. The video is obviously an exaggerated surreal scenario, with no intention to trivialise complex political issues, but we’ve reached a point where fact and reason aren’t the powerful mind-changing tools they should be. We don’t have the middle ground of debate so much as we have streams of diametrically opposed opinions flying back and forth. I think that art can be the middle ground or abstract space where these subjects can be humanised and discussed, and where perceptions can potentially be changed. That may be optimistic but you’d hope that at some point the dictator realises why he’s the only one clapping.”  – Bob Gallagher

Additionally, McMorrow announced a show at Trinity College Dublin on Friday 7 July, as part of the Summer Series.