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Music | Review: “All These Countless Nights” by Deaf Havana

"All These Countless Nights" - Deaf Havana

Label: SO Recordings

Released: 2017

Arriving with their new full-length album “All These Countless Nights”, Deaf Havana land a rocking recount of amends made and mistakes accounted for. If this is not their most accomplished piece of work, then it does raise the bar quite high. Having been a staple of the British rock scene throughout many readers teenage years and twenties, you too might find yourself content to know that despite the lyrical negativity they have overcome, Deaf Havana are still sounding great.

‘Trigger’ is definitive of what the album had in its potential, from there it pushes and pulls rhythms with power that is well polished, but you still wait for the track that blows you away in the way it did.

Then there is ‘Like A Ghost’, which breaks down barriers, swallowing you up in the personal turmoil of James Veck-Gilodi’s mind. It oddly throws melodies that are not too distant from The 1975 or even Don Broco. Yet, it comes back as ever to the strength of British rock anthem.

This album is as much about personal turmoil as it about the band’s own crossroads. Following performances at Reading & Leeds a few years ago, the band had unofficially split and pursued other projects. James has mentioned in interviews he wasn’t not even thinking about a new Deaf Havana album at the time, thinking that things were over. Yet, after some touring of his own accord, the songs began to flow and the harmony of the group was key to those becoming a reality. This in truth is what comes to mind when listening to ‘England’ or ‘Seattle’, this is Deaf Havana picking up where they left off.

“All These Countless Nights” is out now.