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Music | Glass Animals release 8-bit game to mark new single

Glass Animals release new game to mark release of 'Season 2, Episode 3'.

Following the release of the video for current single ‘Season 2, Episode 3’, Glass Animals have released an accompanying  video game. The game (which is available HERE) follows Nintendo 64-style blips and 8-bit beat to play over each other.

The video game comes as part of a bigger creative vision for the campaign, pieced together from the imagination of lead singer Dave Bayley, which sees different tracks on the album brought to life online through various character websites and creative.

Dave explains: “You used to get artwork with the music you bought. Fold out posters, lyric sheets, postcards, stickers, all sorts. It gave you a way in. It gave you an image to attach to the music, and contextualised everything. Now, most people consume music as a track list on a blank background…maybe with a photograph near it the size of a small nipple. These websites and interactive sites will hopefully act as a modern equivalent to what used to come with a physical album. They can give you that insight into the music, allow you to catch references you wouldn’t have otherwise, and contextualise the album in an interactive way.”

Thanks for the nostalgia guys, great excuse to play games and listen to Glass Animals.