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Music | Review + Photos: Metropolis Festival 2016 – Thursday

Metropolis - Mount Kimble by Manon Gustave.

Words: RobMoro

Photos: Manon Gustave

Thursday night’s Opening Party was a slow introduction for those gearing up to embrace the following two days of music and installations. However, it certainly must not be taken lightly as three  excellent acts relished the opportunity to take the RDS’ Shelbourne Hall by storm.

Having debuted his new AV show earlier this year, Kormac has shown why critical acclaim can amount to great things and give your profile a lift at any pace. Excelling in the stunning visuals that the second biggest stage is known for.

More and more people rolled in as Mount Kimbie followed, performing their electro-acoustic sound that has seen them wow audiences time and time again. Their sound so much more full from the days of supporting The XX at what used to be The O2 in Dublin’s Docklands. This time around it was different and more spectacular, with their neatness and coherent instrumentation. Percussive cues and soulful keys, tied together with their post-rock feel. A pleasure to see and hear.

DJ Shadow topped the bill, offering something that would have differed to the previous acts of the night, but undoubtedly the biggest crowd of the night. Visually captivating and sonically intense, packed with tracks from his 20-year-old debut, “Endtroducing” to fresh releases. Visually, it was a joy to watch. Stunning shots and a time-lapse played out on three screens before projected artistic modern themes hung in front of the stage on a transparent screen.

Three’s little downtime here in the final hour of the first night, but an equally exciting thought to embrace the festival’s full layout the following day is already enough.