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Music | Review: “Apothek” by Apothek


Label: Propeller

Released: 2016

Apothek had two singles to their name when their reputation grew. Now, the Norwegian duo fuse classical arrangments over electro structures. The themes are dark but the album is more haunting than lost in its own pity, which is a good thing.

This is 80’s with a modern twist. A successful fusion between the lyrical abilities of Morten Myklebust and Producer Nils Martin Larsen. Songs like ‘Family’ have their own universe structure, going from eery bass tones to optimistic whistles and chimes.

Musical structures laced with lyrics of “Existentialism without the dread” would suffice to label this album. ‘Inheritance’ has an abundance of odyssey driven motionless wonder. Probably best described as Radiohead having a session in the keyboard section of music shop, there are so many layers here that it was difficult to define early 00s influence or whether they binged on Justice albums before writing it.

The songwriting is precise on this, it’s clean without being too much and unexpected that it does come full circle. ‘Departure’ is one of the gems you will find on this album. Holding court with some wonderful synth samples and Myklebust’s lyrics. The texture is a strong element throughout the nine tracks. One of their first singles ‘Invited’, is also the strongest by far.

“Apothek” is out now.