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Music | Review: “Pumarosa” by Pumarosa

"Pumarosa" by Pumarosa

Label: Fiction

Released: 2016

The follow on to single ‘Cecile’, London’s Pumarosa have a fitting return and possibly their strongest to date with a self-titled EP. The first single, ‘Honey’ is the emphatic standout alongside it’s predecessor on the record. Rallying with a grudging guitar sound, punchy drum rhythm, and lead vocal call out by Isabel.

‘Priestess’ is about as close to a Foals track that you could get, yet Pumarosa have that originality to boost its significant rock aesthetic. ‘Cecile’ offers a more rapid, bullet-like sound to accompany what is definitely the most danceable track on the EP. ‘Sinking Heart’ is the last track, clocking in with “demo” added to its name and showing true potential. The political and industrial nature of this record is key to the five-piece discovering their sound further.

Excellent psych-rock and attitude to boot. 2017 looks to see Pumarosa at their best while going from strength to strength.

“Pumarosa” is out now.