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Music | Review: “Fall Through the Night” by Joey Ryan

"Fall through The Night" by Joey Ryan.

Cork based solo artist, Joey Ryan, has brought together a collection of songs for his debut album, “Fall Through the Night”, which is due to be released in Germany next year.

Ryan demonstrates cold, brooding, songwriting capabilities throughout.  A Elvis Costello sound protrudes in ‘I Lay Down’. The album itself is sombre, encompassing a folk theme. ‘Disorder’ is a great opener, fusing Mick Flannery meets The Chapters for a sound that is classic folk rock.

‘Thinking About’ will shake off any of the previous dark impressions. As Ryan gets into his stride. Blues is a genre that clearly influences this album’s structure, sound, soul-searching that is written in the lyrics. Narrating a litany of missed opportunities in these songs, each story detailing relationships of all kinds flourishing and colliding.

‘Don’t Get Close’ is a fitting end, touching on a bit of The Stunning but a bit more infused with blues. Arrangement is sharp, style is consistent, yet the theme is perhaps exposed a tad too well. Solid effort from the Cork based musician all the same.

Abounding in many ways, here is to hoping Joey Ryan produces the same on the live circuit.

“Fall Through the Night” is out now.