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Music | Review: “We Move” by James Vincent McMorrow

"We Move" by James Vincent McMorrow.

Label: Faction

Released: 2 September 2016

James Vincent McMorrow created a splash and ripple with his debut album, before doing much more sentimental things of ambient pop song structures with “Post Tropical”. Now with “We Move”, a more complete vision of JVM has appeared, fresh from LA, Miami, Toronto, and dropping a fuller sounding R&B based set of songs.

Not surprising to see many herald this album far and wide, sonically and visually striking, there are many layers to this record that make it what it is. Confident, soulful, and a detour from his beginnings, ‘Rising Water’ is a statement of intent, throwing itself forward to say ‘here I am’.

‘One Thousand Times’ is definitely one for the Prince fans out there, chugging forward and offering shimmering guitar sound. ‘Evil’ takes it up a notch, throwing in a scratchy synth, overlapping vocals hang in unison before JVM drops his own vocals and tips his hat towards the R&B/pop influences behind it.

A lot of the record’s production abilities were chosen by McMorrow, who worked with Drake regular, Nineteen85. There was a clear vision here and both seem to have achieved it. Lyrically, it is heavy with noticeable loss and sorrow here, feeling closer than listeners have ever been. ‘Seek Another’ takes that sleepy and spacious sound through into a folktronica style, more true to his regular style.

‘Lost Angles’ is the closest to ‘Higher Love’ and in terms of JVM’s style, it is just as good. Possibly the most delicate track on the record, it fittingly arrives towards the end. Truly retrospective and accumulating a lot of pent-up feelings about his own social circles. If this album intended to be more dense or vacant of personal anguish, it’s found it hard to do so.

“We Move” is out now.