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Music | Interview: Oh Honey

Oh Honey as photographed by Eric Mooney.

You might recognise the sound of Oh Honey rom the current Dairygold television advert, as folk-pop track ‘Take All The Time You Need’ accompanies heart warming images but without the lovingly reminiscent lyrics of Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard. The duo have been making heart-shaped pop for about three years now and have just turned a corner to bigger things this side of the Atlantic. Speaking to RobMoro about such plans, we chat about TV shows, writing as duo, and Irish heritage.

The name Oh Honey is as sweet as their music, taken from Mitchy Collins’ favourite episode of How I Met Your Mother and the artisan honey movement in Brooklyn.  “There’s an episode of HIMYM starring Katy Perry, who we both love, and all of the characters just keep saying “ohhhh honey” to her because she’s so naive. We watched the episode and felt like the phrase just fit-our sound, vibe, music. So it stuck.” It captivated him and band-mate Danielle to start making music that is summer, filled with uplifting tones that are like an Oh Wonder and The Head and the Heart mashup.

TV seems to be a theme here, which begs the question has it influenced anything else in the duo?

Danielle: “Like the rest of the world, I binge-watched all of Stranger Things in like 2 days. Amazing show. I also love Game of Thrones, but after the season ended I’ve been filling the void with….The Bachelor franchise. I know, I know. But it’s honestly addicting. No shame. Looking forward to the fall when Salem and American Horror Story start back up. I love anything magical & spooky!”

Mitchy: “I love any hour-long crime dramas on TNT and USA. I love crime shows. Also currently obsessed with Stranger Things and Ray Donovan. My favourite TV show ever though is Sons of Anarchy.”

That is quite a diverse set of shows to digest, but to focus on more mutual interests, how did you guys meet?

Danielle: “We had met a few times through mutual friends in the music world in NYC. Mitchy had the idea to start a guy/girl duo and was looking for the female half when another friend connected us. We got in the studio, worked on a few initial songs, and it just felt right.”

Have either of you played in a duo before? Has it helped?

Mitchy: “You just learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. I’ve been playing in and out of bands since I was 13. Its second nature now. I don’t really think about it. It’s just a part of me now. Sometimes I still get nervous. Mainly though, you learn what doesn’t work and what does and what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s all a process.”

Danielle: “I’ve played in a few different duos before, so I was used to performing with another person and writing music for two voices. Growing up, I pretty much lived on a stage-theatre, musicals, playing shows in my hometown, so I think that helped me feel comfortable once we started playing as Oh Honey. This band is my first experience playing full band, though, so that vibe took a little while for me to get used to, but it’s my favourite way to perform now!”

How does it feel to have your single released here in Ireland?

Danielle: “It’s awesome! Ireland is a place both of us have always wanted to go. My dad is of Irish descent, and my mom taught Irish Literature for 30 years in my high school, so I grew up knowing everything about Irish mythology and history. My mom was definitely freaking out when I told her our song is gonna be on the radio over there.”

Mitchy: “It is awesome to finally have some music released overseas and especially in a place like Ireland. I always hear so much good vibes about the music culture in Ireland.”

It must also be great to have it featured on TV?

Mitchy: “We’ve gotten so many tweets and comments on our new video that people are finding us through the Dairygold commercial.”

Danielle: “We’ve been really fortunate to have a lot of success with our music in the film & tv world, and it’s definitely opened up our fanbase to people who might not have ordinarily heard the song.”

What are the influences to the track? Artists you feel were soundtracking your process at the time?

Danielle: “It’s just a song about feeling good and letting people fall in love with you in the time they need to do it. Just reminding them you’re not going anywhere. We love that feeling.”

Mitchy: “The soundtrack was honestly just the music we were making in the studio at the time. I remember being so focused on what we were creating that I didn’t have room in my mind for much else.”

An Irish show or festival appearance might be on the cards soon, do you hope to get over before the end of 2016?

Danielle: “Yes! We have yet to get over to Europe, and Ireland would be an amazing place to start. Everyone we’ve met from over there is so nice. We definitely wanna do all of the touristy stuff, and obviously drink whiskey in an Irish pub. Hoping to come over soon!”

Oh Honey’s latest single,’Take All The Time You Need’, which features in Dairygold’s latest TV advert is out now.