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Music | Review: “IIVV” by All Tvvins

All Tvvins 'IIVV'

First they were Tvvins, but a name change later the duo of Conor Adams and Lar Kaye became All Tvvins, a fast rising pop-rock act that create songs with purity and heart driven vocals.  A lot of people might recognise their previous efforts in The Cast of Cheers and Adebisi Shank as high-points, but judging by various interviews and the way in which their singles have been received, this is only the beginning.

Speaking of, let us delve into the first track on their debut long player, ‘Book’.  Syncopated chimes, swagger rock and a pace that sets the albums opener at ‘straight to the point’.  You would have heard it at shows spanning a year ago when they played Whelan’s, which could be classed an under the radar show given less than a handful of singles where out by then.

‘Thank You’ is one of those singles that propelled them up to the top of Irish radio play.  TXFM loved it so much you would hear more than three times a day on occasion, and it quickly grew to be the torch that led the way. Further into the album, we reach a middle full of tracks we have not heard yet. There’s no extensive airplay here for ‘End of the Day’, a blissful and bass crunching track. Nor do we know of follow-up, ‘The Call’, which sounds as if Kodaline had picked up some heavier rock influences and thrown them out into a pop-laiden melody.

After that, you hear why these guys are supporting Foals, Twin Atlantic, Kodaline, Passion Pit.  Their sound is masterful and easier to catch than cold. ‘Too Young To Live’ and ‘Darkest Ocean’ are the icing on the cake to what ‘Thank You’ had done for them, ad why not? The sound is clean, yet gritty enough for you to love a song with guitar in it, much of which there has not been in the charts lately.

The album may take a sorrowful lyricism in the final four tracks, yet ‘Unbelievable’ just bursts out and leaves you wanting more, of which I am sure there will be.