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Music | Hard Working Class Heroes open Tech Applications


HWCH Tech has grown significantly over the past four years and has just this week issued a call for Irish tech companies to try establish themselves as leaders in the music tech sector, by applying for HWCH Tech.

Supporting some of the most innovative music tech companies in Ireland over the last three years, HWCH Tech 2016 takes a more hands on approach. Past tech alumni include Firstage, Muddy, Beatvyne, Soundwave, Whole World Band, Fan Footage, Gigstarter and more.

HWCH Tech 16 will be two tiered. Firstly, HWCH will provide opportunities for a selected number of start-up companies to pitch and test their ideas to selected local and international industry over the weekend of the event. This group will have access to mentoring, panels and tip sessions, the same way bands have had over the past 14 years.

Secondly, they will get to test their idea at HWCH 2016 as a live festival test of their product.
HWCH invite all technology innovators in the music sector to apply for HWCH pitch opportunities at the following link –