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Music | Review: ‘Don’t Dwell’ by Star Parks

Star Parks is the Austin based project of Andy Bianculli, a musician who formed the project from the depths of being in a another busy act at the time. Following the run of show in The Preservation, Bianculli returned to his Star Parks idea and went from there.

The tracks from debut LP ‘ Don’t Dwell’ are more of a mix of The War on Drugs with Tame Impala.  This psych-folk rock is evident in ‘Egotists’.  Not quite written in an Australian summer heat, the album was instead conceived in a melting Texan one. Which is probably a great influence on a dreamy record full of pop melodies.

‘Don’t Dwell’ is a mellow, punch-drunk track would be a good prelude as the track, ‘Nobody Come Here’. The album comes in at 9 tracks in total also, which is suitable given some tracks like ‘Loose Endings’ are quite a slow burn before you hear the celestial piano and strings trash about with drums.

Perhaps there’s a bit of Midlake in here too, but this is more of an album you stick on when down by the lake and kicking back without a care in the world.

“Don’t Dwell” is out now on Paper Trail Records.