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Music | Review: “Niamh Crowther” by “Niamh Crowhter”

Former Youth Music Awards winner Niamh Crowther is set to release her self-titled EP later this month.  The four track short sample is a acoustic-folk package with a lot of energy in it. But how do the tracks compare?

‘I’ll Be’ is delicate and threading carefully with tangled guitar pickings to glide under the sweet piano scale. The vocals are prominent ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaaaah’ that offer a warmth in springtime. While at times a tad too strong, they are a passionate opening set.

‘Little by Little’ is as the title would suggest, a progressive track with folk melodies to build on pop song structure. Touch of Lucy Rose there and a bit of Nina Nesbitt here, the track has the classic key points that remind you of recent artists that have risen in a similar fashion.

The second half of the EP is a stripped back affair, as ‘Painkillers’ is just Crowther showing her fantastic vocals with only her guitar for company. Meanwhile the final track, ‘Origins,’ would draw comparisons to Birdy but with a more love-lost voice.

A promising set of tracks by Niamh, hopefully a bigger sound to lift a unique voice. If you take Lauren Mayberrry of Chvrches as an example, the strong synth sequences are more aiding to her voice rather than overshadowing it.  Niamh’s voice has a similar pitch but a different set of instruments providing the melodies..This EP shows demonstrates songs that are headed in the right musical direction.

Niamh Crowther’s single, “I’ll Be,” is due out on 20 May on Top6 Records.