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Music | Review: “Mechanics” by Jolly Mare

Review: Jolly Mare

Fabrizio Martina is the man behind Jolly Mare, a recent New York Red Bull Music Academy graduate with a funky flare up his sleeve when it comes to music production. On first listen, the vibes are much like your cosmic disco tracks found in a coffee shop for enthusiasts with disco ball. Yet by the end it went from a transfixed set of beats to the night-time hour of hip-shaking and arm-swaying electronica you would not only expect, but appreciate.

In truth, tracks like ‘Hungry Angry’ and ‘Hotel Riviera’ contain stable beats you would think of with Italian disco.  Moroder would be pleased to hear fresh mix making its way to the top of music magazine lists.

While those 80s hooks were great, it becomes apparent later in the full length debut that ‘Universe of Geometry’ is a tempo changer.  More modern song structure with gifted vocals.  The only thing that would scare you on the album is the possibility of the running too long.

“Mechanics” is an appropriate title given Fabrizio’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Vibration Dynamics (PhD). There is clearly a great understanding of rhythms in most tracks.  The samples of synths and vocals are spot on for a genre that has all eyes on futuristic funk for now.

“Mechanics” is out now on Bastard Jazz records.