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Music | Playlist: Blog Inspiration


For a while now, I have been noticing a trend in the way blogs and some music sites curate their best or featured music selections. But do we ever really get a glimpse at what the blogger does when they are not listening to the latest tracks or what sits in their Spotify or Deezer players when writing interviews and features?

When I get asked about blogs to look up or how to blog it can be hard to suggest what would influence the person. Blogs are personal reflections and curations, it should mean something to post an article or media content on a public platform, not just regurgitate a news story that everyone else is writing about too.

Putting it to the test, I made a playlist of tracks old and new that are the background to when working on blog related projects or just reading.  There is a mix of news and reviews across the site, but playlists are something that perhaps offer more engagement with the readers. You will like some, and not like others. Discovery is one of the best aspects about music as a whole and nothing is more satisfying than connecting personally with lyrics or the tones of a track.

So click on the Spotify link below and if it works maybe another will be made. Perhaps if there are any services that you would like to see the playlists on like Deezer, SoundCloud etc… feel free to suggest.