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Music | Review: BAIO @ The Workman’s Club, Dublin 22/2/2016


Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio threw a welcome surprise when releasing his debut solo effort late last year.  Full of electronic tracks with catchy rhythms and synth hooks, it was definitely an album that was well placed in The Best of… list compiled for 2015.

Opening on the night were Dublin/Brooklyn outfit LE BOOM, A band who in their own right are a disco version of Passion Pit. Seeing them on stage at The Workman’s was fitting both of the significance of the venue’s genre regularity and the act they were opening for.

As for main act Baio, the crowd occupied the stifling room in great anticipation.  The slow burning ‘Brainwash yyrr Face’ set a precedent to a muffled frontman only accompanied by a guitar player and his own equipment. The dance soaked ‘Matter’ was a surprise second choice, a song that offers resemblance to others on the album and a familiarity with its apres-chorus synth leads.

As the set continued, it was evident the odd mix of onstage performer meeting ableton triggered track performance. Baio strutted back and forth on the stage, offering flawless hand gestures with in sync beats.  But isn’t that what you expect when it is only two people on stage performing a synth army heavy bunch of tracks?

That aside, the set included surprises until the end. The demo track that was ‘Sunburn Modern’ and the classy Eurythmics’ cover of ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ before the sun-setter of a track that is ‘Scarlett’.

There’s no encore, something that has now turned into a dying tradition. The only real shame from a well-structured setlist is its length, something which is surely on the short-side.