Ducktails @ Whelans'
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Music | Review: Ducktails @ Whelans’ 16/11/2015

"Cue that jingly 80s sounding guitar from 'That Disney Afternoon', the music hall echo vocals, and intermittent bass lines to conjour this magical sounding setlist. "

On an evening with had seen an unusual buzz about Dublin on a Monday evening, Ducktails sheltered those from the turning weather outside to the warm confines of Whelans’.

Matt Mondanile and co. have been busy at work with touring latest album, “St.Catherine”.  But also the debut of some new songs, some of which were later picked up by media like Pitchfork, were great additions to an already bumper evening.

This clearly a sign the Real Estate and Ducktails man does not want to rest on his laurels, as he recorded parts of “St.Catherine” while on tour with Real Estate during their “Atlas” commitments.

Opening on the night was rising Dublin man, Paddy Hanna, who has gone from strength to strength if you pardon the cliche. Playing a selection of tracks published tracks and works in progress, with latest single ‘Underprotected’ being one of those. The tracks go down relatively well, almost as if Hanna is a discovery by the locals at the moment.  A good mix of banter between the audience inbetween endears him with the audience, making other tracks like ‘Chocolate and Salt’ and ‘Austria’ sounding a little sweeter for it.

As for the main act, there is a slight nervous tension in the room to start with but it  seems to turn into an excitable one following the opener of fan favourite, ‘St Catherine’, with whirling synth that sticks so well it is hard not to like. Despite a drowned out Mondanile in certain songs like this one, there is a Real Estate touch to further songs like ‘Under Cover’, and ‘Planet Phrom’.The set is not entirely like this sound though, as “St Catherine” the fifth outing for Ducktails, it is also one that follows in the free form experimentation that they are known for.

The set spans a number of Ducktails’ releases, most notably their latest and 2013’s “The Flower Lane”.  Cue that jingly 80s sounding guitar from ‘That Disney Afternoon’, the music hall echo vocals, and intermittent bass lines to conjour this magical sounding setlist.

A hush gig that became a hidden gem? It seems so. Expect more from Ducktails, as new new songs were debuted, ‘Convertable’ may appear sometime in the end of 2016.