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Music | Listen: ‘Zzyzx’ by Library Voices

Photo: Chris Graham

Library Voices  second single ‘Zzyzx’, is the breakout single for the indie-rock Canadian band. ‘Zzyzx’ is one part love song and one part ode to a strange little place in the middle of the Mojave desert according to the band.

Strong vibe of The Shins about this one, it has that powerful saxophone underneath with Kasabian styled vocal drops and guitar rhythms too.

The track is taken from new album, “Lovish”, which the band thought would never see the light of day. Months of endless touring and exhaustion in support of their last album, “Summer of Lust”, not to mention a dodgy Amsterdam hostel and a rat swarmed van in Paris. The band called it a day for that tour at least, returning home broken and in need of space.

Soon after they regrouped, begin writing what would soon become”Lovish”, just before their singer/guitarist Carl Johnson was badly beaten in the street. His recovery long but the band and Johnson continued to write the second LP.