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Music | Listen: ‘Narcissus’ by Bror Forsgren

Brors Forsgren

Bror Forsgren (The Lionheart Brothers, Jaga Jazzist, Silence The Foe) is making his solo debut at the age of 34 with single, ‘Narcissus’.  A thrilling pop song with strings to add a 60s effect.

Bror Forsgren himself describes the album like this: 

I’ve always dreamed of making an album with grand orchestration, whilst managing to keep the music timeless. I’m a big fan of Scott Walker and loves his ability to intertwine velvety pop music and modern composition. My vision for this album has been to create a work where my natural pop habitat melts together with the classical and the modern.

Those rich rhythms and percussive beats that emanate from underneath the lush vocals and intermittent bass are catchy, 

‘Narcissus’ is out now on Oslo’s Jansan Plateproduksjon