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Music | Watch: ‘Speak Up’ by Come On Live Long

‘Speak Up’ is the latest single from Irish act Come On Live Long. The single, which is part of their new album, is composed of a mix of textures.  It is more optimistic than their previous single, the harmonies, layered guitar, and ambient synth travel well, much like the shots used in the video above.

As the song goes, “We might be able to fit it in one paragraph”, but the review would not do the song justice if it was only six lines now, would it?  The interesting you might not know about how this track was made, is that most band members actually live in different countries (Louise in Roscommon, Rob in Paris, Daithi in London, and Ken in Malta), with sample and layers being sent back and forth via Dropbox.

A unique track, way of recording, and video to boot, so come on, live long!