Music | Girl Band to release début album

“Holding Hands with Jamie”, Girl Band’s début album, comes a few years after their first tour; nine days crammed into a Fiat Panda; a few years of stamping 7” sleeves, and many more things.

Recorded in April 2015, two days after returning home from their first US tour, the nine tracks making up the album are said to be reflective of the band’s live characteristics.

Going into the studio (Bow Lane, Dublin) to record an album – rather than a track or two here and there –

required a different mindset,” guitarist Alan Duggan explained. “It was way more challenging to stay focused – tricky to find a balance between keeping a distance from the songs for perspective but also to fully concentrate on them.”  While they had the luxury of studio time (“we spent three or four days just setting up drums, amps, and mics”), the band laid down seven of the tracks in less than two days, ensuring that the record pulses with vitality and forward momentum”

“Holding Hands with Jamie” is out on 25 September 2015.