Music | Listen: Noel O’Brien’s self-titled EP

Noel O'Brien

Dropping into the vast sea of new music, especially in Ireland, is Noel O’Brien.  The young singer-songwriter has landed his self-titled EP to warm reactions, with a sound and well-polished quality that it would be rude not to share it with you.

Opening track, ‘Yet To Come’ is folky and Fleet Foxes as you could imagine, Add a touch of Bon Iver in there too and you have a dark texture of acoustic guitar, shadow like drums, and Jake Bugg style vocals.  ‘It’s Not Real’ offers a little more solace, while ‘The Night’ is quieter, but the standout track is Reprise, which is more spangled and chilled.

Noel O’Brien‘s EP is out now on bandcamp.