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Music | Listen: ‘This Stuff’ by Five Grand Stereo

Five Grand Stereo

Five Grand Stereo, a 1970s band inspired band brought into the depths of 2015, have released first single ‘This Stuff’. Recently premiered by Clash Magazine,

Distorted guitar kicks off the track, followed by frontman, Chris Singleton uttering ‘I was a smalltown boy, i was a fucked up kid.  For all the things you know, you don’t know what you did.”  Much in the way of a David Bowie, Lou Reed, or Elvis Costello’s style, the voice is gritty. The synth and psych rock sound that comes through in the second verse offers a building melody and rhythm.

Jane Fraser’s vocals are like Melody’s Echo Chamber, floating among the simple keys.  ‘This Stuff’ has a wave-like texture, ‘This Stuff’ is good.

Five Grand Stereo play a show at the Phoenix Artist Club on 22 June.