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Music | Review: “Twenty First Century Problems” by Lauren Desberg

Lauren Desberg

Harlem-based artist Lauren Desberg has released her new album “Twenty First Century Problems” and is a real highlight of the album.

Think 70’s jazz soul, dreamy keys phrases, and sax melody underneath.  Katie Melua-esque, Desberg has the same modern pop with a soul twist.

Pop / soul infused jazz record draws influences from an array of artists and genres. ‘He Loves And She Loves’ is like a mixture of Regina Spektor and Jamie Cullum, adding in tones you would expect to hear on a Frank Ocean album. ‘Lie To Me’ is destined for a Mad Men style show/movie soundtrack, sweet and hurting.

‘How Deep Is Your Love’ is what Adele would sound like singing a soulful jazz or pop song.  It is cheerful, fast-paced, but soothing. ‘Lullaby Of The Leaves’ is more vintage, while previous single ‘Rock Steady’ is dreamy as it was before. Towards the end, ‘Angel Eyes’ paints a darker picture here, sinister sax, love disgusted lyrics, and sharp piano pen a darken page.  Lastly, ‘Try To Get Out’ is a sort of Norah Jones number, warming your ears with the soft percussion and passionate saxophone.

“Twenty First Century Problems” is out now.