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Music | Review: ‘Death of Distortion’ by Killwave

Chicago post-punk, Killwave,  that have an industrial sound you would expect from a deep Crystal Castles track with Bowie vocals over the punk guitar.

Their album, “Death By Distortion”, does not overkill on that aspect, opening track ‘The Calling’ is a real opener for a band that have been titled ‘synth-goth David Bowie’. ‘March’ is a track that seems to more erratic compared to third track ‘Shake’, a more composed, snarling, track.

Of the other four tracks, ‘Cloud’ is like an Air or Portishead track, slow, dark, and sparking curiousity.’Box is the sign of a band on the home-straight with their musical direction, a confident track it must be said.

‘Death by Distortion’ is out now.