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Music | Interview: Sunset Suns

Rising in a way much like their name, UK pop rock outfit Sunset Sons are a four-piece currently based in Hossegor, perched in the south-west of France. Being based in the south for a few years as a cover band in the Midi-Pyrenees region, forming after some discussions in a bar called Le Surfing, owned by the brother of Pete, who was visiting at the time.  Other member Jed had seen one of the staff, frontman Rory, cover a number of songs on a break at the piano. The four managed to get talking through a number of friends and the rest is history.

In Hossegor at the time of the interview, Rory tells me that the band are “here on relaxation time” before heading out on tour and making a stop off at Whelan’s while their at it for a full-blown taster of ‘Medicine’ and their current EPs.  “The March tour was good preparation, We had one rehearsal in London before the Manchester gig.  We stressed a little bit too”  Going into this one, they’re not so stressed about rehearsals and performances, they know what to expect “going into it” as Rory says.

“I have a lot of time for the Irish”

When they hit Whelan’s on 9 May, it will be Sunset Sons’ “first proper show” here, as the band once performed a short tour for Carve Surf Magazine before, and led to an impromptu show with the help of a band who loaned them some instruments for the night.  A welcoming sign and one that led Rory to “have a lot of time for the Irish”.

The tour dates also support latest EP ‘The Fall Line’, which has probably been key in selling out many of those dates? “Yeah” he answers, “Probably my favourite of all, which is ‘Lies’.  The delay effect on the piano, it is really stripped back.  Big fan of Rob’ playing too”.

After the tour, Sunsets Sons are off to Glastonbury, T in the Park, Isle of Wright, and more festivals before things heat up even more with their album launch in September.  “It’s great playing these festivals, we used to watch on them on TV because our mates weren’t into going and now we’re playing them.”  Having spent 7 weeks working on it with JJ King in Nashville, It’s appropriate to ask if they’re excited about it since the release is a few months away’ “Our tour manager is excited” adds Rory at the end, “so if he’s excited, then I’m excited.”

Sunset Sons play Whalen’s, Dublin, on 9 May 2015.